2006 Avalon Electrical

OMG help! My 2006 Avalon went in for very minor body work on the front right fender; otherwise, no issue with car. When I picked up the car the battery was dead and the “auto” function on my headlights did not work. Three batteries later, the dealership (who replaced the battery since it was only 10 months old) tells me that a $300 switch has gone bad in my headlights hence the mal-functioning “auto” setting and my trunk light won’t go out hence the drain on my battery. They will not say it is related to the bodywork; however, the body shop removed both my headlights and my battery to do the body work. I don’t believe that this is a coincidence. To boot, the cost to repair the headlight issue is $300 and the trunk light $500. Holy Cow! My question is what could the body shop have done to short out something in my electrical system to make these two functions go haywire? BTW, the dealership claims my trunk light stays on, but I had my pass-through open after the second battery died so I could access my jumper cables. I come home when it’s dark–never noticed the light shining through to my back seat…I think they’re all full of baloney. HELP HELP HELP!

Find a good independent shop that specializes in Toyota and/or electrical work.
No need to go to the dealership unless it’s warranty work.
Remove the trunk light bulb and see if the drain goes away.

The electrical problem was figured out–the dealer did unscrew the bulb as an interim solution. What I’m trying to connect is the removal of and replacement by the body shop of my headlights, battery, and side-view mirror to the current electical malfunctions.