2006 Altima - Intermittent Starting Problem Finally Resolved

I wrote about the problem I was having back in Jan 2014 (engine would crank too long if I left the car parked for 30 mins to 4 hrs) … well, I finally brought it o a good diagnosis tics place and some of the guys that replied to me we’re correct … they told me that the crankshaft position sensor (1of 2 sensors) was faulty and replaced it. Thanks to all of you who responded, you’re so smart!

THANK YOU for letting us guys know… Its actually RARE to hear back from people once our suggestions resolve or help to resolve their issues. They usually keep it a secret and just motor on without a peep. Its refreshing to hear back every now and again.


I second HB’s note! Good to learn of/from your outcome.

Glad you are back on the road. Good for you!