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2005 Volkswagen Passat - Some issues

I have a 2005 VW Passat, 4 MOTION automatic. It handles beautifully and has a roomy and well appointed interior. The body finish is superb. But it uses gasoline like the Niagara Falls passes water (yes, I know). And the four electronic remote door latches/locks have disappointingly short service lives. I replaced three of the four. And the fourth is failing, as well, all in less than 150,000 miles.

Well, that is several statements, not a question. So is this posted as a warning to someone considering a purchase of an older VW?

I had Passat of just prior to that model year and I loved it. Mine was a wagon with the V6 and AWD. It was the worst (new-bought) car for fuel economy I ever owned. I would get 16 to 18 MPG. Less than my Highlander. I still loved it.