2005 Toyota Matrix creeping up on 200k

I’ve got a Matrix, and I love the car. After X-Mas (a trip to mom and dad’s), she’ll break the 200k mark.

She’s been properly maintained all the time, but what can I expect going forward? Timing chain, so no worries there, power steering pump has a tiny leak (BFD), but since this is the car my wife and I use for “Adventure!”, I’m wondering what may fail.

It’s basically a Camry turned into an XUV. Same chassis, engine, etc.


Its not based on the Camry, it is a Corolla. I’d be more worried about the tires than anything else. Keep up the maintenance and keep good tires on it, start worrying when you hit about 300k or so.

If its an automatic, then also watch the ATF, its not a lifetime fluid as Toyota seems to think. You should look at changing it every 30k or so.


I agree with @keith

Use the correct atf . . . T-IV, I believe. Get it from the dealer. Don’t use “generic” or “multipurpose” atf

Have you changed the spark plugs yet?

Have you changed the coolant?

It’s about time for a brake fluid flush

Might be time for a new thermostat soon . . . you’ve got enough miles

How’s that accessory drive belt?