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2005 Toyota Camry with 165K, 4cyl, shakes at low rpms and cuts off

My son has a 2005 Toyota Camry with 165K, 4cyl. He came home from college for Christmas and left his car at school for almost 3 weeks. When he got back, he realized he left a dome light on and battery was dead. Battery was old so I went ahead and replaced it. Fixed it, not quite. Car cranks right up but shakes at low rpm’s and eventually cuts off. If he keeps the rpms up or drives at highway speeds it’s fine. If he slows down at a stoplight tho shaking starts and cuts off. Any ideas? Checked voltage of battery and it’s good. Thanks in advance.

Drive the vehicle for a while.

When a battery goes dead, the computer loses it’s adaptive memory.

It may take a while for the computer to re-learn the adaptive memory where the engines idles correctly.