2005 Toyota Camry calipers

I have a 2005 Toyota Camry that we purchased 14 months ago. When purchased it had bad brakes so the dealer replaced the rotors and calipers at their expense. A month ago I took the car in for a routine oil change and was notified that my rear calipers were stuck open and that my rear brakes were not working and rusted. The rotors look hardly worn, the one on the passenger side has some deep grooves in it and the driver side is pitted. We feel that we had poor work done when the brakes were replaced and that the back never worked. After the brake job was done we would get some “chinging” noise in the back brakes and I had them inspected twice and they said everything was fine. But now we find out they weren’t fine. Any suggestions?

Correction, the dealer replaced the rotors and pads but not the calipers.

Why would both calipers stick open?

Tell the oil change monkeys to stay away from your brakes. Did the dealer change all 4 rotors/pads when u bought car? Or just front? Or rear? Whatever, you may need new calipers/pads/rotors. It’s not a huge expense. 2-300 at most.

They’re not stuck open per say. They’re just stuck…then the pads wear down and after a while the pads are worn down enough to not be touching any more.

My 05 4runner has a caliper design problem. The front calipers are very prone to sticking.

You’ll have to replace the bad caliper and possibly both rotors.


When doing a brake job, it would be ideal to replace the disc brake hardware (pins, bollts, shims, bushings, clips, sliders, etc.) in addition to cleaning and lubing the appropriate parts.

Perhaps that wasn’t done?

I think some details are needed. Replaced all rotors or just the fronts? Are you dead certain they even replaced ANY rotors at all?

You say the rotors are hardly worn but in the same sentence refer to deep grooves and pitting.

Since the dealer was footing the bill on this maybe the car got nothing more than a pad slap and send it on its way.

I think you are the victim of a “pad slap” just like @ok4450 suggested. That’s the only thing that makes sense with your comments.

Calipers can freeze open. And from the sound of your rear discs, it sound like one or both is/are frozen.

IF you went to a quickie lube, find a reputable shop instead and get a second opinion. What you have is a 2005 that likely needs brake repairs. If you had just driven the car from the lot, PERHAPS the dealer would hold some responsibility, but 15 months later? On a used car? No way.

Just find a reputable shop, get the work done, and be happy that the problem was frozen caliper(s) and not a blown tranny. Then take your significant other out for a nice dinner and get on with life.