2005 tahoe has no power

any ideas on the no power issue> ive changed baterry twice and it wil not hold any kind of charge. it can b on the chrger all nite and only hold for a wile then it happens again?

You need a new battery.
When a battery gets to the end of it’s life , it will no longer hold a charge.
Most batteries are good for about 4-5 years, but there are some types that will go 7 years.


did that twice already

Maybe you need a new charger.

There is something seriously wrong with the charging system in your car too.
If it is ruining batteries.

Are you sure that you have the cables on right +on + / -on -.
If you reversed the polarity you could have damaged both barreries that way.

Batteries come charged at the store. Did you bring it home and install it, or put it on the charger overnight before install.

You will have to tell a more complete story, We need a little more info.
You charge it and then it happens again…what happens?

You bought a new battery…when? 2 years ago, monday
What happened…?
THen you bought the second battery …when ? last week, today
Then what happened…?


If the battery is draining when the vehicle is sitting parked, the problem is likely a parasitic battery drain. There is some small current drain that sucks the battery dry in a day or two. These can be tricky to track down and eliminate. Here’s how:

 okay the tahoe  is a friend of mines. I figure i was going to get asked all these questions that you are now asking me.. I gave my friend the car talk web site..As far as i know it is only two batteries and she keeps charging the second one that is in it now. I hope she gets on here soon or i will just be hte middle man again. Thanks for your replies. appreciate all.

I’m not sure I follow the batter replacement. When you say she is on her second battery, do you mean in the last nine years or in the last couple of months?

last few months

GM has a generic tech service bulletin that covers parasitic battery drain for 2005 trucks as well as several other GM vehicles and years. The bulletin gives general instructions to the dealer for tracking down the source of the drain:


But if you’re doing it yourself this is a better guide to tracking down the drain: