2005 suzuki reno idling very high



replaced egr valve, car still idling up to 2500 rpms, and when driving and coming to a complete stop at a stop sign, car jerks


Sounds like a major vacuum leak. I suspect that the leak started when you replaced the EGR valve. A good mechanic should find the leak quickly.


Originally the check engine light came on and after I took it to the garage and they hooked it up to the computer the printout showed no issues but they said it was the egr valve. (whether they removed it and checked it I don’t know) I replaced it myself and the egr valve I removed rattled when shook and there was a lot of black soot inside. When it is in gear it pulls the rpms down to just over 1000. Thanks for responding so quickly and I’ll see what i can do about checking for a vacuum leak. Tim