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2005 Pontiac Vibe heater is on then shuts off

Okay so here we go I have a 2005 Pontiac Vibe last month I had problems with my heater not shutting off with it in the off position my keys out my heater would still run causing my battery to die. So I would have to unhook my battery if I was going to be out of my car long period of time. Could not figure out why it was happening, went to the parts store got a resistor replaced it it still was happening. Figuring that would solve the problem sayings how I’ve been driving my car for 13 years no major problems whatsoever. Finally realized let me check the battery. It was the battery replace the battery. Everything was going fine ,yesterday it started doing the same thing ghost heater now it’s staying back on again any idea? It’s not my relay that’s been replaced? I’m thinking a passable ground wire with a bad connection.

Did you replace a resistor or a relay?

I replaced both and now I’m looking at replacing the switches because my blower still stays on without my key on and the switch on off and it drains my battery so unless I have a ground wire somewhere hitting something making juice get past my off switch the only thing I can think of is to unhook my battery otherwise I am Clueless.


Melanie Stevens