2005 Pontiac Grand Prix loss of power / not breathing

I have a 2005 Grand Prix that has lost power over the previous few months. The car gets poor gas mileage and doesn’t have any muscle when you increase the throttle. Also, if you keep constant pressure on the throttle (while accelerating) the car will bog down at first with poor gas mileage and without any change to throttle position it will suddenly gain power and take off. It feels like the car is not breathing properly. I’ve cleaned the air filter with no improvement. I’ve been told it might be a mass air flow meter, but I’m not sure. Help!

You need to get a diagnostic computer on it to check things like fuel to air ratio. It is likely running too rich or too lean. The question is why and could be a bad sensor like a engine temp sensor, O2 sensor, MAF sensor, etc. If the proper information on engine temp etc. isn’t being sent to the computer, it is not going to run very well. You can’t shot gun parts anymore and no point to avoid a $100 disgnostic computer check.