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2005 Oldsmobile Alero won’t hold a charge

My car battery will not hold a charge. I have had 5 batteries put in and they are dead within 2 days unless I start the car EVERYDAY. No mechanic seems to know why. one replaced the fuel pump and no difference. They supposedly checked the starter, changed the wires on the battery, cleaned the connections, etc. It is a 2005 Old Alero with 68,000 miles. I think it has something to do with the (after market) remote starter because the problems started after one mechanic fixed this, but no one believes me. Any ideas?

It seems the first thing to do is have the remote starter removed . Then find a place that can check for electrical draw when vehicle is off.


Agree with @VOLVO_V70… there is a parasitic drain, something any good mechanic knows how to check for. Any aftermarket product is the first place to check as many are just junk. And that would be… Your aftermarket remote starter!

the remote starter will work and has for 3 or 4 years - did the mechanic not fix it correctly?

step 1 . . . remove remote starter

step 2 . . . perform a parasitic draw test

50 milliamps or less is acceptable. If somebody tries to tell you that 500 milliamps or more is acceptable, disregard anything he says and take your vehicle elsewhere for a proper diagnosis

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