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2005 Nissan Frontier - Road trip cooler question

would an extra transmission cooler be good for my truck??Planing a cross country trip with the truck want to make sure no problems

presumably your car made it up to this point, so if you keep maintaining it well it is unlikely to fall apart from few more miles :slight_smile:

if you are concerned about transmission, IMHO the best thing to do is to make sure ATF is replaced regularly, cooler is not really a requirement, unless you tow

your year of Frontier is likely to suffer from the same issue as 2005-2007 Pathfinder, ATF/coolant cross-contamination from detective radiator, this is an item to worry about, not a cooler

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A transmission cooler is usually installed if you plan on towing with the vehicle.


That might be a reason to install a stand-alone transmission cooler to totally bypass the in-rad cooler and any problems that may create.

Truth is, your transmission builds a lot more heat in stop and go city traffic than tooling down the highway.

A transmission fluid cooler would be fine, I would add it and leave the in-rad cooler. It won’t hurt anything, but regular fluid maintenance is a bigger key for vehicles not towing.

The issue was addressed by Nissans TSB and involved replacing radiator with the one of new type.

Decent aftermarket radiators did not have that weakness.

Bypassing proper radiator loop lead to less stable ATF temperature and slow ATF warm-up.

I would suggest making sure the car has original 2005 radiator replaced (it’s a ticking bomb!), but see no reason in an external ATF cooler.

I’d add a bypass thermostat to the loop. That’s how my Mustang’s automatic is plumbed. Gets the fluid up to temp and then opens to the cooler.


that’s a good way of doing it, but do not forget, we are talking NIssan, so normal logic does not apply here :slight_smile:

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