2005 Nissan Altima fuel gauge never reads below F

Fuel gauge always show “full” most of the time even when having driven for a few days - read there is a fuel gauge problem but no recall listed for the problem

13 year old car. Not a safety issue, would not be recalled.

It needs to be serviced. Either the fuel sender in the gas tank needs to be replaced (likely) or the gauge needs to be replaced (unlikely).

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On one of my cars, the fuel sending unit was acting up. When the the fuel level reached about the 3/4 level, the gauge would suddenly read empty. When the fuel level dropped slightly, it would resume normal operation

Anyways, I started using top tier fuel and the problem instantly disappeared, and that was some time ago. I’ve filled up many times since then, and I do let it get below the 3/4 mark.

If deposits are also the cause of your problem, you might consider using top tier fuel, if you’re not already doing so.

I might add on my car, removing the fuel sending units is a BIG deal, which was a major factor for me. It might not be on your car.