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2005 Malibu 4 cylinder spark plugs

I’m about to invest in new spark plugs and have my buddy install them for me. He told me to figure out if my car is the type that needs new wires along with new spark plugs when lever I go to buy the spark plugs. Just looking for some advice. What plugs and wires ( if needed ) that I should get.

Any parts store will have the info and give you the correct parts. But if your buddy is asking that question I kind of wonder if he really knows what he is doing.
You probably are due for plugs and wires but if you say what the vehicle symptoms are the real mechanics here might have other things for you to do.

Every now and then you can feel the car kind of miss. Hard to explain. Like when you first start the car the rpm gauge kinda fluctuates down a little and then goes to a normal idle. It feels like spark plugs. Open to any advice

Misfire and sometimes a rough idle ( at car startup ) sometimes a misfire when going down the road.

By 2005 most cars switched to coil-overs (no plug wires). But not very familiar with that vehicle. Last vehicle we owned with plug wires was built in the 90’s.

No spark plug wires. This engine uses a one-piece coil pack containing all 4 ignition coils. Looks like this;

Very wide range of prices for this part - $18 to $141 for the Delphi OEM module. I don’t recommend the cheap one.

If the misfire was bad enough, the check engine light would likely come on. You didn’t say if the CEL was on or not, just that you feel a miss.

With no CEL, sure, change the plugs first. Buy Iridium plugs at $6 apiece and buy what your owners manual says - likely AC Delco 41105’s. Some cars can be sensitive to plug brands. If the miss doesn’t go away, I’d replace the coil module. It may be OK but there are 4 plug contacts that can corrode and replacing the whole deal covers that.