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2005 legacy w/ misfire issue

At lower RPMs when accelerating, especially when I’m pulling out from a stop, I get serious misfire that causes the whole car to buck. I also feel like the low end power has been greatly reduced. It makes it really hard to pull out from a stop. The car has a reman engine from Jasper and has about 50k miles on it & the rest of the car has about 180k miles on it. It had new plugs and wires put in with new engine and a clean air filter a couple months ago. It’s non -turbo with MT. What do you guys think?

Could be a gazillion different causes. You have an engine check light on?

Reman engine or not, it has mechanical valve lifters. In my opinion, this engine should have a head bolt retightening along with a valve lash follow up inspection at about the 1000 miles mark.

If I had the car I would verify compression issue with a vacuum gauge followed up by a compression check if the vac. gauge shows a problem.
After a run-in period valve lash can tighten up. This can lead to exhaust valves burning which then means engine work on the top end. Meaning engine out, heads off.

I’m fully aware that Subaru and other car makers do not recommend valve lash checks except once a millenium but that is bad policy. It should be inspected every 30k miles.
That’s the worst case scenario and hopefully not the case here.

No engine light at all.

I will mention that to my mechanic. It’s gotten so bad that it’s really hard to drive so I’m taking it in for a check.