2005 Hyundai Tucson wont engage into drive

Vehicle makes a clunking noise when coming out of reverse and will not engage drive. What could be the problem?

What’s your transmission fluid level, color, and what does it smell like?

Its just been replaced. It was completely drained and 7 quarts was just put in. It holds 8 quarts

Who did the work? Usually a drain will get somewhere around half the fluid out, so adding 7 quarts would be potentially suspect.

Also, what is the level and condition of the fluid now? Just because it was exchanged last week doesn’t mean it hasn’t leaked out by now if someone forgot to put the drain plug back in.

My husband replaced it. The plug is in and theres no leak anywhere. The vehicle has not been driven. Level and color are good. When put into gear the gear indicator display shows nuetral when it is in drive, park when in nuetral,

That would appear to indicate a problem with the shift linkage.

Thank you. He is going to check that as soon as the storm stops.

Changed before or after this not engaging in drive problem ?

Before and after. He’s going to check the linkage as soon as he can.

There’s three electrical parts that could fail and contribute to this problem.

  • transaxle range switch
  • ATM lever switch
  • ATM control relay

The first place to start however is to check for engine and transmission diagnostic codes. This will probably require the help of a dealership or Hyundai specialist shop.

I was thinking, he might check the shift cable. The cable connects to the shifter mechanism and sometimes the little bushing at the end breaks. If sloppy, the cable can be replaced or a company makes replacement bushings.

That would not explain the thump, but might explain the shifter position indicator not agreeing with the gear you are in.