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2005 Hyundai Santa Fe - Intermittent problems starting

Intermittent starting. Sometimes it starts fine then peters out and stalls. Then sometimes restarts but sputtering. Sometimes no restart at all. Engine cranks. Battery good. Gas full or half, makes no difference. Getting frustrated. I see on Google many complaints about Hyundai intermittent starting. With no satisfaction from mechanics or dealers. I’m thinking this is the end of my relationship with Hyundai. It’s a shame because when it does start I like it fine.
I’m thinking the company does but is ignoring customers. Sad sad. They will learn the hard way!

My best guess would be a faulty fuel pump relay but that’s all it is.

The problem might be a dirty/defective Idle Air Control valve.

The IAC valve controls the engine idle under all conditions.


Another possibility is low fuel pressure or low fuel volume because of drainback to the gas tank. Try the key dance: turn the key to Run (not Start) and Off, then Run and Off. Each time it’s in Run the fuel pump should run a couple seconds (you may hear it), bringing fuel and pressure up to the engine. After a few of these steps, turn the key all the way to Start. Good luck.

You are complaining about the manufacturer of your SIXTEEN year old car?

The manufacturer’s responsibility for this car ended 6 years and xxxx miles ago yet you still complain.

This is unreasonable.

Find yourself a quality, independent mechanic to diagnose the problem with your car.


Folks like the OP make me very happy I no longer own a dealership.


I am sure that the real tech guys at a dealership or car company want to help solve common problems and produce TSBs. Those kind of guys are respondents here. I suspect company lawyers put their own touch on how much help is actually offered.
Hyundai gave my daughter-in-law a complete new engine when the old one died at 92000 miles.
Maybe instead of publishing repair records of cars, more should be published about interactions with each individual company.

Rather than a major car problem, it sounds like the OP has a mechanic problem.

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