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2005 Honda Pilot - Change synthetic based on time?

Our 2005 Pilot has 240,000 mi and in good condition still. We just keep it around to loan to people and runs to Home Depot - only about 2,000 mi/yr. I changed the oil in Jan 2018 and still looks good. Do I need to change again, or can I wait another year (4000 total miles)? I use a synthetic blend for hi mileage cars. Thanks.

Per most manufacturers recommendations, you need to change it annually. Of course there’s no warranty to void, and I’m not certain what damage you’ll do by not changing the oil annually on a 240k mile vehicle. So it’s your choice. An oil change each year isn’t expensive. If you care about the car and want to keep it around a while, I’d change it. $40 a year vs $40 every other year…not worth the worrying over if you should’ve done it.

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Do you still have the owner’s manual? If so, what does it say about oil change intervals? Usually, they give both mileage and time between changes.

Of course you should change the oil. A car used for short trips is going to contaminate the oil with fuel and moisture. Why risk engine damage over a paltry $50 (or less if you DIY)?

The maintenance schedule for my truck shows 3 months for time, I use the truck perhaps twice a month and change the oil every other year. Changing the oil 4 times a year would be wasteful.

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