2005 Honda Odyssey Tire Replacement



The front tires on my van are pretty worn, and we have been planning on replacing them in the next month or so. However, today I got a flat on the rear tire, which was in pretty good shape. The other rear tire is also OK, but does have 30,000 miles on it. So, I have to replace the fronts, can I just replace one rear tire, (so a total of 3 replacements) or do I have to do all 4? I hate to replace a perfectly good tire.


If your Sienna does not have 4 wheel drive, you can have 2 slightly different tires on the rear whells, from a wear point of view.

Don’t have two different tires on the front driving wheels, however.

If your car has ABS you might experience a slight affect during a panic stop. But the front wheels will be doing most of the work anyway.


It’s an Odyssey, not a Sienna.

tony14, you are hauling around your most precious cargo in a vehicle that has a high center of gravity. You are already buying three new tires. Go ahead and get all four.


I would go with All Four new tires. On a side note, the Odyssey is infamous for road noise, and choosing the wrong tire could make for a miserable experience. Probably for that reason is why the OEM tire I believe was Michelin Symmetry. I would replace with same, unless you need a tire that’s good in snow.

    With this van, if purchasing a tire other then OEM. I would research  tires with the least amount of road noise.


Buy 4 new tires. Keep the best of the old tires as a replacement in case you have a tire go bad on you in the next couple of years.


Buy all four. Use the other tire as a spare.


The rear tire not repairable? If not, get four.


You want the best tread on the rear and you want matching tread on each axle. This means you need four new tires.

If you had rotated your tires so that they wore evenly, then you would have had other options here.


What caused the flat? If it is just a nail or something similar in the tread area you can have it repaired at a small cost. I wouldn’t worry too much about which end of the vehicle has the most tread as long as there is a decent amount of tread on all four tires. I have an Odyssey and they handle pretty well, even in snow.