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2005 Honda, Codes P0001 and P0139

I have a older Honda Accord 2005 DX. It has a 2.4L 4 cylinder engine with an automatic transmission and has run a little over 135,000 miles. It runs fairly normal except for the occasional smell of burnt oil and a little smoke. However I have already replaced the Engine VTC Solenoid and the downstream O2 sensor, as well as an oil change and flush to clean it out, but the engine codes still keep coming up after about 150 miles of peaceful engine light free driving. Additionally it sprays water on the underside but my mechanics haven’t been able to find out where. And it is mostly just water with a little grease and grime, no coolent or any other vehicular fluids. The car was recently driven through several miles of decently high water in Lubbock Texas about a week and a half ago (no issues then). It sometimes reaches up to over a gallon after a short 5 mile drive with the AC off so I know it is not condensation from the compressor. This seems like an exaggeration, but the puddle from where it is leaking from (about a foot in front of the catalytic converter to the right maybe 6 inches) will easily spread several feet across in my garage. What else could i be missing??

Since you replaced the downstream 02 sensor, if you are still seeing a P0139, you most likely have an exhaust leak. As for the P001, that is not a code. If you mean a P0001, that means there is an issue with your fuel volume regulator solenoid not the VTC solenoid.

Huh? Sprays a gallon where? How do you know it is as much as a gallon? And is it clear water or coolant? Are you adding coolant (or water) to the cooling system?

And seemingly as always… What engine? What transmission? How many miles on the car?

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The VVT solenoid has been checked as well and cleaned and it operates as it should. I added information to the initial post covering various issues that I ought to have added the first time. This is my first time posting and I apologise for any inconveniences.

But you still didn’t answer any of my questions… I can’t help until you do.

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you need to explain this a little better. Are you saying that you are loosing a gallon of water over a 5 miles stretch? Are you replenishing your coolant?

You said you drove for several miles in deep water. Could it be that some of the water is still contained under the engine shrouds or some other hidden places?

That sounds like the location of the evaporator drain. When the humidity is high, people sometimes use the defroster, this operates the compressor and water collects on the A/C evaporator coil.

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Nevada hit the nail on the head. Take a gallon of water and pour it on your garage floor, it will spread a lot more than a couple of feet/