2005 Honda Civic Hybrid

Just filled my hybrid today and it took 14.6 gallons to top off. The tank’s capacity is a little over 13 gallons. This has never happened before. Any ideas? It’s had all regular maintenance and I am the only owner for nearly 7 years.

It could have to do with the Temp of the gas…Gas will expand and contract based on temperature. There also have been gas stations who “Adjust” their pumps to pump out less then what is actually display.

First, please explain what you mean by “top off”. Does that mean you added more gas once the pump clicked off?

It could be that the fuel pump isn’t properly calibrated, but I think the factors are probably:

-The fuel capacity is slightly larger than advertised. This keeps you from letting the fuel get too low.

-The filler neck adds to the capacity of the tank.

-You should never “top off” the tank. You should stop pumping fuel the first time the nozzle clicks off.

Thanks for the feedback on the topping off and the info regarding the temperature and calibration of the pumps.

I do know not to completely top off the tank once it clicks the first time. This time, however, the pump never clicked which is what worried me in the first place.

Good news on the front that no one has suggested there is a problem with the car. Sounds like something to be aware of next time I fill up.

Thanks again.

If the fuel was going in at a very low rate it would tend to click off later.
I occasionally encounter slow running pumps.