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2005 GMC Suburban vapor lock

2005 gmc suburban will vapor lock when is is hot , my man will go to the fuel bar and push down a valve with a wirelet some gas out. it will start and run well

Sounds dangerous. Suspect there is a different problem. Vehicles with electric fuel pumps and fuel injection should not get vapor lock.


`thanks. put pres gauge on today 54 w/key 58 running. 10 min. later pres still 58 w/mot off

Residual Fuel Pressure Test
When the pump is turned off or stops running, the system should hold residual pressure for several minutes (look up the specs to see how much pressure drop is allowed over a given period of time). If pressure drops quickly, the vehicle may have a leaky fuel line, a leaky fuel pump check valve, a leaky fuel pressure regulator or one or more leaky fuel injectors. Low residual fuel pressure can cause hard starting and vapor lock during hot weather.