2005 Ford Freestyle Electrical Problem

I was cleaning my car tonight and had left the engine running with the A/C on. Evertime time the fan turned on the idle would drop as if the car was going to stall. Now when the A.C is off the problem disappears.

When I was driving home it seemed to get worse. This time the lights where flashing also.

Once home while the car was parked in the driveway the backup lights were actually flashing on and off in time with the activation of the cooling fan.

Does this sound like a alternator problem or some other electrical problem?

There MAY be a short in the a/c wiring or a bad relay.

The engine idle slowing would be normal when the a/c puts a load on it but you have an off/on situation going on.

BTW, why did you post this ten minutes after the first one? One post is all we need. Guaranteed it’ll be read.

I posted it twice because I saw every other listing had the problem listed. The first time I listed it I just used the make and model w/out “Electrical Problem”.

This was my first time using this forum and I wanted to make sure it was read. Now I know better…

I have been listing to these guys for years and have never checked out their website. After having my issues last night I thought it might be worth a try.

Thanks for the reply. I was actually thinking the same thing today because the problem only shows up when the A/C is on. I figured if it was the alternator the headlights would be dimming instead of flashing on and off. The reverse lights flashing on and off is what blew away.

The car should still be under warrantee so I scheduled an apointment with the dealer tomorrow morning.

I will post their finding tomorrow night.

Thanks again!

It sounds to me there may be a high current load in the AC system causing a breaker to open and then reset; causing the flashing lights.