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2005 Ford F150 rear end vibration

I have a spare d-shaft in my garage if anyone knows how I can get rid of it ?

Definitely keep it until you’ve solved the current vibration problem. You may still need to use it to test the various theories. You were very wise not to discard it or exchange it. Once you know you don’t need it – the vibration is solved or you’ve sold the vehicle – take your driveshaft to a local driveshaft-experts repair shop. There’s usually one in every populated area, since driveshaft problems are a pretty common thing, especially on trucks. They will likely be willing to make you an offer for it. Before doing that you might offer it up on Craiglist, just in case somebody is looking for that exact one. In which case you’ll get a better price. If nobody wants it, use it to reinforce your next concrete pour.

Methinks the “offer” any garage will make on your spare shaft will be… “Yeah you can leave it here…if you want” Unless you got astronomically lucky and caught them at the moment they needed it…

Check out this video. If lifted or you have a leveling kit… Check the angle of degree on your driveshaft. The guy in this video explains it well. I have the same issue on my 08 F150 XLT CrewCab.

Having the same problem with my truck currently. Driving me insane. Have you had any luck finding what the problem is?

I am having this exact same issue. Does anybody have any new insight into this shaking? Mine comes on at 35, 55, and 75 mph. Definitely originating from the rear, feels like driving on mild washboard. Nothing is loose or worn.

U joints. Definitely not tires

I believe I’m having the same issue… i would describe it more as a shake, different than what a wheel out of balance feels like. The shake is most noticeable between 50 and 60, and also very noticable in the mirror looking at the bed on the driver’s side, only the driver’s side shakes.
Initially I thought it was tires, replaced those with new, still had a shake/vibration. Shop checked tires and said they were good, couldn’t reproduce (which is part of the problem, it’s doesn’t always ‘shake’ between 50-60mph). Still shake/vib, drove about 2500 miles and took to a different shop, rebalance tires on my request, still the same shake. Took it back to shop 2, and they replaced one of the ujoints, said it had slight play and could be it. Shake is still there. I’m thinking it’s either tranny (torq converter issues) or rear differential somehow.

An out of balance drive shaft can cause this. Did you notice the shaking after some repair was done that involved removing the driveshaft? When that’s done the shop is supposed to place witness marks so they can install the driveshaft in the same exact orientation.

So, I had this issue with my 2001 dodge ram 1500 4x4 for a month. Not sure if it was coincidence or not, but I’ll explain before my solution. I was rock crawling, and destroyed a tire on a trap someone had set, so I pulled the fire off, put the spare on, and threw the destroyed tire in the bed of the truck. Immediately noticed a vibration. I assumed I had messed something up while off roading, and accepted it until I could fix it. I thought maybe because there was more tread on the spare, maybe the size difference in the tires, and posi rear end, it would cause a lag on one side or the other. Got all new tires because they all needed replaced anyway. Threw the spare in the bed of the truck, I don’t have the tool to drop and raise it, so I didn’t want to do it by hand again. Delt with it for the month, changed my u-joints in the front, on the drive shaft, and replaced my ball joints, upper and lower both sides, and tie rod ends. one day, I’m going to do a job and I needed to clear the bed of the truck, so I decided to deal with it and put the tire back by hand… All my vibration issues stopped. No one knows why. But without the spare under the bed of the truck, my dodge felt like it was going to rattle itself apart. Put it back, and I now have no issues.

I understand it may not be the same issue as yours, but if you don’t have a spare under there, try it and see if it helps.

Of course I have the same issue on an 08 F-150 FX4. I came here to to try to get an idea of what it might be, thinking it was likely a problem that had surfaced before. Reading some insightful thoughts, many of which reflect my own, but I have also noticed no one has mentioned leaf spring bolts/pins or spring eye/pivot shackle bushings. I had a 65 Chevy one ton that worked itself to it’s death. The rear spring shackle bushings actually wore the pins so bad that they cut the bolts into two pieces before they completely failed. This truck kept a heavy load on it all of it’s life and there was never enough slack to allow any vibrations. I know if the old girl had ever been unloaded and driven it would have made all kinds of vibrations and noises. Just a vibration source thought. Worn bushings possibly aggravated by less than pristine functioning shocks. It would help explain the loaded only road reproduced issue.