2005 Ford F150 heat problem

I have a 2005 F150 that I bought used in December 2008. I can’t seem to get any heat on the floor of the driver’s side, though everywhere else it is more than adequate. From my knees up, it is almost too hot, while my feet are always freezing. I have had it in to two different mechanics, but still the problem persists. Anybody else have this problem and/or know of a way to fix it?

You may have a blend door problem. There should be a lower heater outlet on the driver’s side. See if you can find it and check for airflow. It may be time to find a third mechanic and make sure he knows exactly what the problem is.

The dealership from which I bought the truck was the first place I tried to get the thing fixed. No luck there. There is indeed a lower heater outlet on the driver’s side, but very little if any airflow coming from that outlet. Is the blend door accessible without removing the bulk of the dash? I’d like to try fixing it myself rather than pay yet another shop to do nothing.

Unfortunately the dash will have to come out to get at the door. you will also have to evacuate the ac system and remove the entire hvac box in order to change it. If the hvac system is and auto temp control system the dealer should be able to pull fault codes and diagnose that way.

Wow. Sounds like this is no ‘do-it-yourself’ project after all. Many thanks for the assistance!