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2005 Ford Escape Brakes Lines

I have a 2005 Ford Escape that recently blew a front passenger brake line (the rubber one that connects the steel line to the wheel caliper). After closer inspection, it was an accident waiting to happen. The line was cracked and deteriorating, as was the one on the driver?s side ? which I also replaced before I ended up in the newspapers. I searched for recall information because I cannot believe I am the only one with this problem. There are no service bulletins, and the local Ford dealer tells me this has not been a problem that they have seen. I personally don’t see this a routine repair issue like replacing brake pads. As a side note, however, they did tell me that their parts shop does supply and and sell quite of few of these lines to other car parts stores ? somewhat ironic and confirmed by my local auto parts ?guy?. After a quick search of Edmunds Q & A I found a couple other people with this problem, but they were just asking about how to repair and not if this is an ongoing issue. I think this must be an ongoing issue. What say ye others?

I’ve never had to replace a brake line on any car I’ve owned, regardless of age or mileage. It seems a bit premature for a 2005 vehicle to need brake lines, but I don’t know the climate or other particulars.

Perhaps you should report this to the NHTSA. Have you checked their website?

Neither have I, which is certailny why I find this troubling. I have always lived in Minnesota, owned many cars and trucks in my 30-plus years of driving, and most with far more than the 80,000 miles that are on my current Escape. Thank you for the suggestion, I will checkout the NHTSA website.

After closer inspection, it was an accident waiting to happen.Same thing happened to me but the driver side let go first on my 2005 ford escape xlt.I called my Ford dealer on a replacement brake line they said it’s common we keep them in stock and check the other side and of course it was cracked.I replaced both sides. I’m glad it didn’t let go at a stop light.

Thank you for your reply - I have a feeling this has to be a bigger problem than just two vehicles. I did file a complaint with the NHTSA and am waiting their reply. I will post when I hear back from them.