2005 CRV issue

I have a 2005 Honda CRV with 139,000 miles that recently developed a miss. It usually does it while holding steady at 50 mph but only lasts for a couple seconds. If it misses may do it once or twice and then nothing the rest of the day. Had the dealership put it on the computer for a reading and they said it’s showing no misfires and is running properly. Plugs have been changed other maintenance performed and have had absolutely no issues until now. Any ideas?

A dose of sea foam or techron can’t hurt. It’s a cheap fix if it works.

It’s possible to have a misfire with no codes present and while there are a number of things it could be (EGR fault, ignition miss, shaky fuel pump, etc, etc) you might consider the following.

Valve lash should be inspected and adjusted as necessary every 30k miles. Very seldom is this done and part of that is because of Honda Motor Company’s ill-advised recommendation of 100k miles+ inspection interval and their even worse methodogy for doing so. In real world terms scrap ill-advised and substitute bone-headed.
Mechanics, even at the Honda dealer, who buy into HMC’s recommendations are not as sharp as they should be if they believe in those recommendations.

If even one valve starts to tighten up a bit a misfire can develop. This can vary a bit due to engine temperature fluctuations and so on so that could explain why it’s a sometimes thing.

If the vehicle were mine the first thing I’d do is check the lash. Left unattended this can lead to the need for a valve job at a minimum or a replacement cylinder head at maximum. Expensive either way and it doesn’t take long for damage to begin either.
Hopefully the lash is not a problem but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Hope that snippet of info helps anyway. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion. I will discuss it with my mechanic Monday!! I’ll let you know if it helps!