2005 Corolla xrs

Help, I’m supposed to buy this in the morning. Test driving the car there was a wierd odor and the engine gave off a slight burnt rubber sound. Padded dohiggy under hood and on it, is frayed and when you touch the frayed parts, it get stick black junk on your fingers. Is this what I’m smelling. Is the engine hot and burning this item. Help! Wake up, I’m off to the dealer at 8:45am Sat Oct 30.

Please excuse the above typos. It’s late and I’m desperate for an answer!

Pat Lynn

Tell the dealer that you won’t buy a stinky car. They can fix whatever’s hanging down. While they are waiting for your check they will pay attention to you. After you pay them, they will forget you ever existed. I think your instincts are right and you should be cautious because this is a fairly new car and things should not be drooping and burning and being sticky and smelly. There are other 2005 Corollas to buy.

Forgive the back-woods comment, but if somethin’ don’t smell right, it probably ain’t.