2005 chevrolet cavlier howling noise

I have a 2005 Chevy Cavalier with a howling noise that is the loudest behind the driver side. I have taken it to 2 general mechanic shops and 1 muffler. No one has been able to diagnose the noise, beyond wow that’s annoying.I have replaced fuel filter and pump. the noise is gradually getting louder. I have had one suggestion as to Cat converter. Any others?

Howling noises can be caused by a tire with a broken belt or tread separation, or wheel bearing. Does it vary with the car’s speed, or the engine RPM or both?

No it does not vary with speed or RPM, the car can be sitting still making the howling noise, But if you are moving at any speed it doesn’t matter how fast the howling noise is still there. I’ve had two people say it might be the Cat, what do you think, please e-mail me if you have anymore info. Thanks