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2005 BMW X3 - I started it wrong and now it won't start

My X3 is a stick & for the 1st time in the 14 months since owning the car, I stepped on the gas rather than the clutch to start (only to move the car I’d blocked in).
Then, the next day, the car won’t start. It turns over but the motor won’t engage (have new battery/starter).

Appreciate your assistance !

Do you mean you stood on the throttle pedal as you normally would on the clutch (fully down ) and then started the engine?

Have not driven a new clutch car. You have to push in clutch to crank motor and start it? And do not have to touch brake or gas during this process? Will it start if trans is in neutral and no feet on any pedals? Or do you have to push in clutch and push brake pedal at same time to start?

Clutch pedal: yes. Brake: no (but it’s almost always the safe thing to do,)

Is the clutch safety disconnected? Other wise I find it really hard to believe you could start the car without pressing the clutch.

Ah, was asking OP about what he does to start his car.
Thought he said he pushed gas pedal instead of clutch?
Which sounds odd
Let’s assume he pushed on clutch with left foot and gas pedal with right foot?

Lets see , a person normally uses their left foot to depress clutch pedal and the gas pedal is on the right . I guess you would have to have been present to really know what this person did . I doubt if they will ever return to clarify .


It wouldn’t have to be “new”.
My stick shift '81 Chevy Citation required that the clutch pedal be depressed all the way in order to engage the starter, and I don’t think that this 30+ year old safety feature was unique to GM.

The OP needs to return, in order to clarify things for us:
Was he actually able to engage the starter without depressing the clutch?

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