2004 Volkswagen Beetle - Can I keep this running?

Volkswagen beetle 2004 turbo 1.8.can u run your car w/1 fan? And also a exhaust without catalytic converter I know it’s illegal but don’t needto go to California.just need to get a job.

Beetles are tough,

I presume you mean the engine compartment fans, of which your car apparently has two. They’re needed primarily at idle and slow speed driving to cool the coolant in the radiator, and to remove heat from the A/C condenser. So whether or not it is ok to drive car with only one working fan depends on which one isn’t working, and whether or not you do a lot of low speed driving or idling. Keep an eye on the coolant temp gauge in any event, especially when idling, like waiting at the fast food drive up. If you notice it going up, turning on the heater to high, heater blower to high, can sometimes help. Common sense says to just fix/replace the broken fan asap.

Running engine sans cat, well you know the legal downside. As far as engine problems, I doubt there would be much. The biggest problem is the check engine light might turn on, which will prevent you from noticing when another possibly important problem is discovered by the computer. .

It’s a federal offense, not just California.

George makes a good point. When something else goes wrong with the engine, you won’t get a warning because the check engine light is already lit.

The second fan is usualy for the AC. The first time I went to Ca. I was stopped on Rt.40 and asked if Ihad any almonds or walnuts. I thought he was nuts but I just said no. Santa Barbara is nice all year. Might have been almonds and pecans.

I expect that was at and entry inspection station. They were checking if you are bringing anything into the state containing insects or micro-organisms which might damage Calif crops. They still do this, when driving to Sacramento from Reno (Nevada) along I80 you’ll usually get asked if you have any produce in the vehicle.

Same thing happens when visiting another country sometimes. When I visited New Zealand, carrying golf clubs and golf shoes, they wouldn’t let me out of the airport until they treated the golf clubs and the bottoms of the shoes with a disinfecting chemical treatment.

In Maine the bottom of boats and the motors get inspected for milfoil, a weed that came over here with tropical fish (I think). It really grows well in the lakes. Too well!

The first time I went to California by car, the CHP chased me down when I passed an inspection station. I thought it was for commercial vehicles.

My 40 year trucking career only extended as far west from the East coast as Iowa and as far South as NC and KY plus Ontario and Quebec.

I have since talked to east coast truckers who were forced to get their rig washed, body and undercarriage when entering CA.

We have a truck wash program here in the northeast also. It is called rain. In 40 years of trucking I have never washed a truck or had one washed or worked for a company who had one washed.

Yeah going to Canada we had to fry up all the hamburger. Interesting though I didn’t think one state can interfere with commerce.

The OP has no money and no job, he is not worried about the Feds hauling him away.

I believe Puerto Rico has a vehicle washing requirement too.