2004 Toyota Prius - Multiple battery failures

I have had two reconditioned hybrid batteries installed in my 2004 Prius in the past 11 weeks. The first one lasted 9 weeks before it failed. The second one lasted 8 days before it failed. Why? After installation, both times, The OBD device showed all electrical systems were just fine. The folks who installed both reconditioned batteries are Greentec people, They have been very nice to me, but nobody seems to know why my hybrid batteries keep failing so quickly. Do you have any suggestions? I LOVE my 2004 (“Gen 2”) Prius. Please help!

You might post this on some of the Prius forums. You also might try to find a Prius specialist in your area.

I wonder if this is a case of the repair only being as good as the quality of the part(s) . . . ?

In other words, even if the guy installing the parts is a genius, if the part itself is lousy . . .

Just a thought

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