2004 Toyota Camry started making a strange noise from the engine!

Hi, no idea what this might be to be honest, here is a quick video of what it sounds like and that’s even with the bonnet closed as well (with bonnet open there is nothing visually that I can see what it might be, but it does seem to be coming from the left side of the engine) It drives fine though haven’t noticed any other issues apart from the noise which is a lot louder when idling it seems.

It’s like some sort of metallic rattling noise,

Any help would be appreciated!

Sounds like the timing chain tensioner is on its way out. You need to get a new tensioner. and install it. Its a very easy job on this car.

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By stating “left side of the engine,” are you referring to the left side, standing in front the vehicle and looking toward the bonnet, or left side, sitting in the vehicle?
I can’t ask driver-side or passenger-side because most of us here say “hood” and you say “bonnet” when referring to the engine cover panel.

I’m envisioning you driving the vehicle from the opposite side that most of us do.

Also, is this vehicle equipped with an automatic transmission or a manual shift transmission?

Does the engine run smoothly or does it have a shaking to it?

I’m trying to get some possibilities… timing chain components, harmonic balancer, torque converter flex plate, etcetera.

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Left side if you have the hood open and you standing in front of it and looking at it. It’s an automatic, and the engine seems to run ok, drives fine as well.

oh, is there anyway to confirm if its chain tensioner? Be keen to do it myself!

it could be a heat shield that is loose.

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That is where your serpentine belt and pulleys are.
Check the belt, also put a long screwdriver on each pulley and use it as a stethoscope to see which one is making noise. Maybe take the belt off and see if they all rotate well.
Also, check the weep hole on the waterpump, make sure it is not leaking.

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Unsure? Good idea to get an estimate from shop. They like to fix things.

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Sounds like the water pump bearings have failed, it is time to raise the bonnet and have a look.


Cheers guys, yeah its the waterpump, removing the belt and shacking it its very wobbly but not leaking though and seems to be still working. Local mechanic quoted will cost $500 NZD to replace. Be cheaper to do it myself but don’t really have time or tools at the moment unfortunately :frowning:


Is wp driven by SERP belt? I assume?

Yap, replaced the belt as well it was very worn!

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I think you can replace the water pump in this car easy.

  1. remove serpentine belt
  2. remove alternator
  3. remove water pump
  4. Install new water pump
  5. re-install old alternator
  6. re-install old belt

Yeah, tbh should have done it myself, but didn’t have time or all the tools so just paid the mechanic. All up cost me $500 NZD for water pump and new belt.