2004 Toyota 4Runner off-road performance question

How does the 2004 Toyota 4Runner V8 4x4 perform off road with only L4 selection?

The 4runner is a very capable off-road vehicle. 4-L is not necessary most of the time. Only when rock crawling or descending steep grade.

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We have a regular v6. SR5 2wheel rear drive model its also a 2004 with 230K + miles but its rock solid. I haven’t been much of an off road but I can say it will handle any unpaved roads or dirt patches without a issue. At no point I have ever question the ability of my 4 runner to cross the terrain that’s in front of me
So yes if you drive it on the road take the occasional dirt road to get somewhere or drive it to the lake or drive it to nature park or nature reserve or camp site
Toyota 4 runner can do it.
Also some other into
It’s body on rails,
And it had high ground clearance

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The 4wd 4runner is several magnitudes better then the 2wd vehicle for off-roading. It’s very capable. I’ve taken it up and down non paved mountain roads without any problems what-so-ever. No way would I even consider taking the 2wd version. Sold my 05 4runner in 2014 with over 300k miles on it. Still going strong.