2004 Subaru Legacy - No acceleration

When driving normal speeds 35-40mph it happend the first time. The car lost all acceleration power. I down shifted from 4-3, and then to 3-2 gear. The car bogged down and felt like it was going to die. I stopped the car and put it in nuetral (it’s a manual). The car by it’s self stayed at 2000 rpms. I noticed that the Cruise control light was blinking and the check engine lamp was on. I shut the car off and restarted hoping that maybe the sensors just went out of wack. It continued the same issues. I attempted to drive. I was able to go at tops 10 miles per hour downhill. I stopped shut the car off and let it sit. about 15 minutes later turned it back on and was able to drive it home no issues. The same type of situation happened a few days later so I limped it over the the local parts store and they hooked it up saying it was the TPS (throttle position sensor). I bought the part and put it in. Now the car wouldn’t even start. I put in the original part and it still wouldn’t start. Right now the car is sitting :frowning:

I am the second owner of the car, it has 91K. It is a Manual transmission and not the turbo.

Any suggestions? I could really use some help.

Fuel pressure needs to be verified,pull the plugs and inspect (maybe fuel fouled,or worse) remove the air cleaner element and inspect,with the plugs either replaced or cleaned up and gapped try to start,you may have to use a priming product,I would have put a fuel filter in by now.

Once its running do a manifold vacuum check,this will give a overall engine state of health and we can make a conclusion about a possible plugged exaust/cat.

My 2005 Outback has begun to exhibit these symptoms for the second time: loses ability to accelerate, CEL, Cruise and Sport lights flashing, erratic throttle. After a period of rest, the car runs well - all CELs off. The first time, the pedal assembly/TPS was replaced, but now the problem is back. What solved your problem?