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2004 sienna control arm replacement

I have 2004 sienna with 96,000 miles. My mechanic showed me that control arm bushings are cracked, and both control arms need replacement. He gave an estimate of $1750 ($380 parts, remaining labor and tax). He said replacing just the bushings will almost cost the same.

I’d Get At Least One More Opinion.

Control arm bushings have been discussed here before. Often they have cracks that may or may not indicate that replacement is imminent.

Also, 1,300 bucks labor hits me the wrong way. There surely must be more to this story.

Are you experiencing any steering / handling problems or are you wearing tires in an unusual way ? What brought up the control arm bushings ?

Have you had good, reasonably priced service from this mechanic in the past ?


I’m in agreement that there may be something missing in this story. Roughly 600 dollars of labor, per side?

Thanks. I am not experiencing any steering/handling problems. I had the 90,000 miles service done (including timing belt replacement) at this mechanic 2 months back. He test drove the van and suggested this repair. He has charged me $350 for timing belt, which I thought reasonable price.
I am also not sure how urgent this replacement, and the mechanic has no concrete answer. As you suggested I should take one or two more opinions.