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2004 Saturn Vue AWD possible front wheel bearings

Automatice trans, just turned 100K miles. I’m getting a whirling noise out of the front end, that gets progressively louder as speed increases, with only very little vibration felt at the pedal. Dealer price: $398 per wheel, neighborhood shop: $310, Pep Boys: $295. I haven’t pulled any of the wheels yet.

If your question is, who would I have do the repair, definetely the neighborhood shop over Pep Boys.

What’s wrong with my boys Manny, Moe & Jack?

Manny is in a residential drug rehab program.
Moe was fired for excessive absenteeism.
Jack can’t do anything more technical than changing tires.


Seriously, however, the level of expertise at Pep Boys is almost always not very good. If the mechanics at your local Pep Boys are good, then I am glad for you, but most locations with which I am familiar are staffed only with very young guys with very little experience.