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2004 Saturn service vehicle soon light

The service vehicle soon light of my 2004 Saturn came on after the alarm system tripped. Does anyone know how to reset it?

Most auto parts stores will allow you to use their scan tool to read the codes and erase the memory, at least around here they do.

But for something like this, I would be asking why it set a light. I was unaware an alarm event would set-off the SES light. You may have something very simple light a lose gas cap causing the light.

… the alarm system tripped. What alarm?

A weak battery could cause both events.

It’s not the Service Engine Soon light, it’s the Service Vehicle Soon. Something as simple as a burned out taillamp could cause this. Start with the siple things. Could also be something more detailed, like a fault with the anti-theft system, low battery voltage, or a problem with the body control system.

Along with ASEmaster, that light may come on if you’ve forgotten to tighten the gascap, even.
Go to Pepboys or Autozone. They’ll read the code for you and will want to try to upsell you. Don’t let them do anything or buy anything from them and post the codes here.

Edit: oops, missed w30’s post, saying the same thing. Sorry.