2004 Pontiac Grand Prix - Oil pours out

oil pouring out of the bottom of engine when running, not oil pan, but cant see where its from. coming out somewhere on the left passenger side of the car under bottom. my question is that considered a lower end block failure…

Could just be a loose oil filter.

It could be an oil pressure sender failure.


My first suspect would be the oil pressure sending unit as mentioned by Mustangman.

Pouring usually means oil under pressure so…


It is certainly some kind of failure. Suggest focusing on the terminology isn’t the path to a solution. If this occurred soon after some sort of major engine stressor, like for example popping the clutch as part of a drag race type start, yeah, could well be a lower end block failure. Have you been doing some racing? You may be the victim of a lesson in the topic of rotational inertia.

The oil pressure sensor might be leaking, or the gasket for the oil pump.


It’s been raining today will check behind that oil filter to see if that’s my problem. I want to say thanks for all you guys help so far!

Hey guys, let me start off by saying thanks for all the tips and insight to what it might be. I finally found out it was the oil pressure sending unit. Had to buy a socket for it and man it was seriously tight in there, just behind the oil filter. It took about an hour to replace. My next project will be, changing out the gaskets. Any Ideas on what’s the best gasket kits out there? Thanks again…