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2004 Pontiac Grand Prix blinking CEL disappeared

My check engine light started blinking and it felt to misfire then the light went away

Warranty. Right away. Ignoring Blinking engine light means big money damage. It actually means pull over, turn off and seek repairs to avoid damage. But if it stops blinking, You could get away with driving a short trip to the dealership.

I would like to see this 2019 Pontiac Grand Prix .


Me, too, since Pontiac has not existed since 2010

It’s a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix gt I don’t know why it said 2019

Drive it over to one of the auto parts stores that read engine error codes for free. Write down all the numbers of the codes, i.e. P1234 or C2345, whatever they read off.

Post them here and we’ll try and help.

If the Check Engine light stops blinking and the light turns off, it means the major misfire is no longer occurring.


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