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2004 Nissan XTerra - Overheating when idling and A/C on but not when moving

When I turn on the A/C and am moving the temperature of the car is fine. It’s only when I have the A/C on and am idling or moving very slowly that the car starts to overheat. It does not overheat at all, moving or at idle/slow, when the A/C is not on at all. This has me baffled. I love my car and it pains me to see it suffer. Ok the truth is is that its bloody well hot here in New England and I sweat a gallon of water at every stop sign and stop light!

Any help is appreciated!!

Chris :slight_smile:

Open the hood, turn the A/C on and look to see if the electric cooling fan for the radiator turns on. If not that’s the reason the engine starts to overheat when moving slowly or when stopped with the A/C on.


Thanks Tester…the fan turns on when I start the car and continues to spin after turning on the A/C. Any other suggestions of things I can look at?

Look thru the grill at the front of the condenser to see if bugs and debris are restricting air flow thru the condenser/radiator.


Hi Tester…

Thanks. I checked and it’s pretty clean :slight_smile: