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2004 Nissan Sentra - Many problems

Just bought this car days ago then The exhaust broke in half at a weld had to drive it for a day or two then I got gas and halfway home When i would give it gas it bogs real bad and has no power. Barely made it home. Then the cel started to blink. Didn’t stay on started the car today and it wasn’t on. Drove around the block and still same problem.

Lemme guess… you didn’t have this car checked out by a professional mechanic before you bought it, right? And now you have issues. Based on your post, I’d guess you aren’t able to work on the car so NOW is the time to take it to a good independent auto repair shop.

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Going to guess here,

You accelerated real fast and hard from a stop with a broken motor mount, which broke the exhaust somewhere in front of the catalytic converter, so now the o2 sensor can’t tell the computer the proper amount of fuel the engine needs.

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