2004 Mini Cooper

I just got my 2004 Mini Cooper not ever 9 hours ago and I al feel I messed it up :confused: it was dark and my car needed windshield fluid so I thought I put it in the right place turns out as I was driving it it wasn’t working so I stop pop the hood and as I go to see I find the big X on a picture of windshield wipers turns out I put windshield fluid in my antifreeze pot thing -_- so I’m scared I have turns my car…please tell me I haven and I can fix it

You will have to drain the coolant, flush the system and then put whatever coolant Mini specifies for the Cooper at the correct ratio.

Is this a new car to you?

Yes it’s a new car to me I’m scared I ruend it because we filled it to the top pretty much and then when I dro home and actually looked at it it was down to the max line

Wait until daylight and sort this out. I think you will be fine so don’t stroke out over this.

Ok well would I be able to at least take it to the mechanics or should I just see if they will come here

As long as the fluids are full there should be no problem driving it to an at least nearby mechanic.
The odds of a mechanic coming to you are very, very slim.

Most mechanics work on flat rate hours and the cost of sending someone would be prohibitive even if they agreed to do so on actual time billed and even if you agreed to such an arrangement.

Ok sounds good to me thank you

@Gmoney’ You missed telling us one fact. How much of the bottle of windshield fluid did you have to add.

I would take the car to a mechanic to drain and flush the system and refill it with the proper coolant. Be sure to explain to the mechanic how much you added and how full you had filled the coolant tank.

I doubt that the little that you added would cause any major problems, but a drain, flush and refill should be done. The windshield fluid would not have the antifreeze properties or the lubricating abilities of engine coolant. So it should be changed soon.

I’m more concerned that you should ask your mechanic to test the coolant system for any leaks.
Unless the sellers were lax in maintaining the coolant level, the level of the tank should not have dropped from being overflowing…down to the “Max” line in a short drive.
Then again…there is an overflow where if the tank were overfilled, hot coolant entering from the hot engine would push some of that fluid back out and onto the ground as you drove home.

Testing the cooling system will just be a little insurance for you, that you had not bought a car with a coolant leak to begin with. Some people will cover a problem or refuse to mention it at the time of sale.

So a drain, flush and refill with a pressure test of the system should give you confidence in your new purchase and the fresh coolant and flush will be one thing that you can cross off your maintenance list for a few years.


You did no harm, as long as you do what folks say, have both the tank and system drained an filled. In fact you probably needed to have this done anyway, buying an old used car usually requires bringing all the maintenance up to date.

You’ll want to go through the owners manual and check what maintenance (fluids, filters, timing belt, etc.) is needed. Unless you have written proof it was done, you’ll need to do it.

+1 to Texases’ recommendations.
All of those items would most likely need to be done anyway, so beginning with a coolant change is an excellent way to start maintaining this car properly.

I wouldn’t worry about it.

What’s the reservoir capacity? Probably a half quart? And you don’t completely fill the reservoir. Now compare that to the entire cooling system capacity.

It’s winter time. So the washer fluid has a 50-50 ratio of water and alcohol.

The alcohol is going to eventually evaporate out of the cooling system, so all that’s going be left is a little extra water.

Besides. You know what they use to use for antifreeze before glycol came along?



Not a big deal just get your coolant replaced soon.