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2004 Mazda6 4cyl lower control arm bushings

Is it possible/probable for an experienced mechanic to remove/replace the bushings on lower control arms (arms part #GJ6a-34-300,GR1A-34-J00)

Arms are perfect condition, but bushings are ‘cracked’-- creaking, groaning, and getting worse. Dealer says I have to replace both right and left of both (total 4)meaning the whole arm(s)as the bushings are sealed and cannot be removed/replaced.

Wow, a small rubber bushing failure–we’re talking about $1,000 just in parts.

anyone familiar with this?

Are these bushings removable and replaceable?? Or is it dealer BS?

The bushings are manufactured into the arms. There are no replaceable bushings available. You have to replace the entire arm. If we are talking about one bad bushing on one arm, only that one needs to be replaced. If those four bushings in those arms are bad or show signs of excessive wear, I’d replace them all.

Talk to an independent alignment shop and get a second opinion. They could get the parts cheaper as aftermarket rather than dealer stock and confirm the dealer’s opinion of repair. Don’t tell them the dealer’s recommendation until they give theirs. Let them determine the problem as they see in first.

Followed your advice.
Independant, honest mechanic found aftermarket parts for all four arms (2 each side).
His parts and labor, $900, down from the $1600 dealer wanted.
Think Mazda changed this bad bushing/ design the next year, due to complaints.

Thanks for your time and good advice, BustedKnuckles!

Still Dazed, but not quite so Confused.