2004 Mazda3 traction control?

was it an option in the 2004 Mazda3 to have stability and traction control? I am looking for a FWD that will do well when it snows. More generally, is there an easy way to tell if a Mazda3 has these features in any of the years?

I “google” that it came on models later than 2004 for the Mazda. Toyota was earlier in the game than most but still not on the compact low end models. It was standard for them in all SUVs from 2003 on. I don’t believe you’ll find it on many if at all compact cars of that vintage as standard equipment.
It is worth it and makes a very big difference in traction control, essentially giving you a limited slip starting and help cornering when slippery. The down side is that it can really do a number on your brakes (wear and heat build up) if you depend upon it too much with poor driving habits and no winter tires. No free lunch, winter tires a must to make it more effective safety and cost wise.

Edmunds.com is a web site with good reviews of cars and info on features that came standard and as options.

Thanks for the info. Edmunds is a great site, I guess i hadn’t looked deep enough. now I have a pretty good idea which models to look for. unfortunately, there don’t seem to be many out there for sale!