2004 Lincoln Aviator - what size jack?

need to get under my lincoln avatar to change my thermostat is a 2004 what size jack do i need

If you are asking that question I wonder if you should really be doing this repair .

You need at least 2 ton floor jack - 3 ton is better . You will need jack stands and not ones from harbor freight or Walmart. Then you will need new fluid that has to be bled of all bubbles.

I suggest you call a few places for a ball park price and do you actually know the thermostat is your problem ?


Why do you need to get under it. Access it from the top.

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I also wonder about your replacing the thermostat if you have to ask about a jack size.

Never changed a thermostat on an Aviator but it’s probably like the one on my Lincoln. Only accessible from underneath and a bit of a PITA. One on my Lincoln is behind the PS pump, PS lines, and sway bar plus it requires the special clamp pliers. Even with the pliers it’s a pain and then some.

It is likely easier/cheaper just to pay someone to do this and save yourself the aggravation along with the mess.

Yes, but the OP states that he owns a Lincoln Avatar, so things might be different on that “model”:


Is there such a thing as a Lincoln Avatar ?

Of course there is!
This is just one of the Lincoln avatars that are available.




One that will lift the car high enough to position jack stands under it.


And a creeper would nice to have because you’re going to laying under the car for while.