2004 Lexus ES 330 - is engine non interference?

My Lexus has a 3.3L v6 engine. Does it have a non-interference engine?

According to this site it’s noninterference: http://yourcarangel.com/2014/07/interference-engines-complete-list/

Thanks for your reply. I’m going to try to find the car angel’s source of his information. I appreciate your help.

Why do you ask?

I assume, either the timing belt has failed, or the owner wishes to know if he can delay doing this expensive maintenance without having to worry about costly engine damage.

The owner would like to delay changing the timing belt without having to worry about damaging his engine.

The car’s owner would like to delay replacing the timing belt without having to worry about costly engine damage.

Diane , if that belt breaks it will not be in your own driveway. It will be some place inconvenient , a place where you might not want to be or while you are turning left in front of a large truck.

Replace it now. Even if you use your credit card the interest might be less than a towing charge.


You are right about that. You make a persuasive case for going ahead and getting it done. Thank you.

For reasons that I will never understand, many people seem to have the bizarre notion that mechanical breakdowns will always take place in their own driveway, or some other location that is both safe and convenient.

And misinformation from parts suppliers does not help things either. This bogus info is from partsgeek…cut and pasted below. The inference of course is that you have an advance warning.

When your timing belt is giving out, your engine will begin to misfire. You may hear high-pitched noises coming from your engine, which is an indication that your timing belt is loose. Your engine will idle roughly, your emissions will increase and your gas mileage will go down.

The change interval on my 2006 Sienna with the 3.3 V6 is 7yr/90k miles. If you have never changed the belt you are 9 years overdue, that’s kind of pushing it.

Ed B

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According to Gates.com ( the largest timing belt manufacturer, the 3.3 litre V6 is non interference.

Unlike some other posters I won’t be judgmental. The difference is that with a noninterference engine a broken timing belt is usually an inconvenience (sometimes major) while with an interference engine it’s an expensive calamity.

I appreciate your sticking to the facts. Thanks for your input.

And who do you think is being judgmental ?

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You’re kidding, right?