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2004 Kia Spectra alternator issue

Alternator gauge goes up high 17+ when all electrical is on. Lights on high beam, all interior lights on, heater on full blast, advance auto said it should be going down the gauge when all is own full blast but is going higher, said probably alternator. kia spectra gsx 2004. searched local listed of community trusted mechanics none showed 28601 ?

Just use your friends , relatives , coworkers and the online rating sites for your area to find a mechanic. The person at Advance Auto may be correct but most any shop can solve this .

Unfortunately if you are referring to the Mechanics file on this site it is not really up to date so some of the reviews are years old .

Then simply take it to a Kia dealer. Advance Auto is not a repair shop.

A dealer for a 17-year-old car? Not needed, and there is no guarantee that they will be better than a local independent shop. They will, however, most likely be more expensive.


The OP has already said they cant locate an independent mechanic in their zipcode.

It would appear they didn’t look too hard. There are all sorts of places close to or in that zip code ,some with 5-star ratings.

The none found I think was that they found none on the Cartalk Mechanics file .


Which, as we know, is meaningless.

I think you are correct.
In addition to the reality that the Mechanics File is seriously outdated and now lacks accuracy, it is only one source. If I needed a reliable mechanic and nothing popped up from the Mechanics File, I would be asking friends, neighbors, relatives, and coworkers for recommendations. I would also take a look at Yelp and Nextdoor.

I think it is logical to use a variety of sources for any information, but maybe I’m the only one who thinks that way.