2004 Jeep Liberty w/bad intake valves

I have a 2004 Jeep Liberty 6 cyl. I have not had any problems with the vehicle. After driving to camp and leaving the vehicle sitting for a week I noticed a white steam from the exhaust upon starting the car. The car drove fine all the way home. Within the next few days I had more white steam from the exhaust, it began to misfire, and the check engine light came on. When I took it to the dealer I was told all 6 intake valves needed to be replaced. Any ideas what would cause all 6 to fail at the same time, or do I need to find another mechanic?

Get a second opinion. White smoke usually indicates water in the cylinders. Better said,water is seeping into the combustion chambers.

Thanks for the reply. I wondered about that. The gas tank was fairly low under a 1/4 tank, and the days were warm with really cool nights. Could all this be caused by water in the system from condensation?

Sounds like it’s blowing coolant out the exhaust. They want to replace the intake valves???

Have you checked the radiator when the engine is stone cold? Is it low on coolant.

One of the tools that you can borrow from Autozone(no charge) is a cooling system pressure gauge.

VERY SIMPLE to use, just follow the instructions that come with the gauge & report back here with your test results.

Thanks for the advice. I will try it tomorrow and report back. I just can’t imagine all 6 valves going bad at once. I wouldn’t think the car would be driveable if the valves were truly bad. The car drives fine other than the white smoke on start up and a slight misfire w/the white smoke when the car goes up a hill and hits around 25-40mph.

No way intake valve would just fail, like other said you got coolant leaking, often bad head gasket. I’d find someone else than these folks to look at it.

If someone claims that the intake valves, and especically all of them, are causing white steam then find another shop.
The tech who diagnosed this is near clueless.