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2004 Jaguar XK8 - Multiple warning lights

warning lights on. engine,airbag, abs, but car drives ok but no cruise control

First, get the codes read and post them here.

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Engine light telling you there is a problem, airbag light says the airbags won’t work in a crash, ABS light says the ABS won’t work in an emergency stop but it drives OK.

You are playing with fire here and don’t recognize it. Get this thing into a garage and have the error codes scanned and the problems diagnosed. Expect to pay at least $200 just to find out what is wrong.

It is a Jag, so bring a wheelbarrow full of cash or a Platinum Amex card with you to pay for the repairs.

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I can add that the Cruise Control does not work because of the underlying fault that triggered the Check Engine Light. And, if this Jag has Vehicle Stability Control, that system is also disabled as a result of whatever caused the CEL to start glowing.

Get thee to a mechanic’s shop, a.s.a.p., for proper diagnosis and repair(s).